Interpreting a Modified Barium Swallow Study        

                                                                                   Offered by Swallowing Diagnostics, Inc. (SDI)

Learner Outcomes

     At the completion of the CEU, attendees will be able to:

          *   Describe the physiology of the swallow for the MBSS viewed

          *   Identify basic anatomy with anatomical differences for the MBSS viewed

          *   Identify deficits to be targeted in dysphagia treatment for the MBSS viewed

          *   Identify rationale for modified diet and/or compensatory swallow strategies for the MBSS viewed

          *   Identify follow-up referrals for the MBSS viewed (if applicable)

     This is a blended course focused on interpretation and application of a modified barium swallow study.

                      If you have a patient who needs an MBSS andyou would like to earn 0.1 CEUs for participating in the activity                                please notify the office when scheduling. You may earn up to 1 CEU within a calendar month.

                  The following   will occur during the CEU activity:

                  Case History Discussion: 8 minutes

                The attending Speech Pathologist, Swallowing Diagnostics Inc.ís Speech Pathologist, and Swallowing Diagnostics Inc.ís                  Physician or ARNP will discuss: Patientís medical history, rationale for most recent hospitalization, clinical signs/symptoms of                  aspiration and dysphagia, dysphagia treatment with progress, current diet, recent diet change, special procedures, recent chest                  x-ray and labs, and all other relevant conditions/circumstances.   

  Live Modified Barium Swallow Study: 15 minutes

Attending Speech Pathologist will observe the MBSS performed live with verbal interpretation by Swallowing Diagnostics Inc.ís Speech Pathologist.

Concluding Discussion of the Modified Barium Swallow Study: 7 minutes

                     Physiology of the swallow function

                     Anatomy review

                     Diet recommendation

                     Compensatory swallow strategies implemented and effectiveness

                     Follow-up referrals

Post test:  15 minutes

  A form will be completed and emailed ( to the office of Swallowing Diagnostics Inc.,   within 5 business days, for CEU credit.

Instructors:  Debra Tarakofsky, M.S. CCC/SLP    &/or SDI trained SLP

Instructors Relevant Financial and Non-Financial Disclosures:

Financial Disclosures: All instructors are employees or independent contractors of Swallowing Diagnostics, Inc.

Non-Financial Disclosure: All speakers have no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose


Pricing:       $15 for your 1st 0.1 CEU                           $10 for your 2nd 0.1 CEU and each completed thereafter

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